How Do I Enhance An Employee Customer Service Organization?
Role of a Chief Customer Officer

There are two things you look for when hiring customer service professionals:
   - People who have a service spirit already in them.     
   - People who are smart and trainable.
Here are six proven strategies to find people who’ve got it all and will deliver a “wow” experience to your customers...

Every Company Vows to have Great Customer Service

Are you a Customer Service Manager
      or a Cheif Customer Officer?
How Can AI Chatbots
Improve Your Service Delivery?

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Because the CCO role is still so new, to be effective the CCO must be one of the senior-most executives of the company and typically report directly to the CEO, although there are some exceptions.
Here's a few "must haves" to qualify...

More and more businesses are choosing AI chatbots as part of their customer service team. Chatbots can answer customers’ inquiries cheaply, quickly, and consistently.
Here are the top advantages of using AI chatbots for customer service.

By enhancing your customer service organization, you can maximize customer satisfaction levels so that you maintain and improve customer loyalty.

Quality customer service is a vital part of every business operation.
The role a customer service executive plays in ensuring all customers receive exceptional care is key to a company's repeat ....

Asking these questions will help organizations figure out potential candidates and if they have the right skills and personality to become a great CSR.

Hiring the perfect CSR is not
an easy task by any means